Hey, I’m Ben and I’m a freelance photographer in Bristol.

I have always taken photos and really enjoy capturing little pieces of life. My most recent venture has been into the world of events photography through a contact in the world of sound engineering. There is something to be said about being in an event space at 4am with the dedicated ravers.

Events photography is just one of the many different areas I have practiced in. Nature and landscapes are another area of interest and you can see examples of this in my portfolio. I have had the chance to do some work at motorsport events however I much prefer capturing moments in the pits or paddock than the actual racing!

Finally, I have done some work in the area of videography. I am a bit of a tinkerer and have made my own timelapse rig following designs from David Hunt, I have taken it out a few times and will add my results. I have a hobby level Phantom drone however this is for personal use only as I have not yet taken my PfCO however some examples of work I have done are on the site. Finally I have invested in a Cable camera so will be playing with that when it arrives.

Outside of the world of these …..graphies I have recently taken up climbing so expect some mountain shots. I also play around with 3d printing, electronics and pretty anything else that tickles my fancy!

This lovely shot was taken by Tom Smith. Its quite hard to photograph yourself without it being very staged.

  • The pics were spot on !!! We already said between us that we’ll get you down for our next event.

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    Event Photography
  • What a great night, these pics are brilliant!!


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